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Disaster recovery overview


To secure your workflow is of the utmost importance for a media company.

Through its archiving and decentralised playout services, BCE grants you access to automatic recovery solutions for your contents, playout continuity and company data.


Redundant deep archiving
Deep archiving
Via a redundant link with your company (fibre, UDP, satellite) BCE receives your contents continuously and in real-time.
The contents are deep archived and will be available for your company in case of major incident on your archiving platform.


Playout recovery solution
Playout recovery
Whether your playout is operated at BCE or in your premises, BCE can install a decentralised playout solution (DPlayout) which is continuously connected to your broadcast monitoring tool.
If required, the system will automatically trigger and your playout source will be switched to the DPlayout source. This service ensures a seamless experience for your viewers.
This workflow also works for radio platforms, with a recovery solution on both automation tools and contents.


Company data
Data replication
As your company data is essential for the continuity of your operations, BCE also ensures a complete and regular backup of your accounting data, the emails of your employees, contracts from any source and, of course, files regarding all legal matters.



Dedicated Playout

DPlayout servers

Backup of your company data

Deep archiving