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BCE’s DPlayout (Decentralized Playout) is a solution that offers all the possibilities of a standard playout infrastructure with an automatic digital system at an affordable price. For disaster recovery, this is the perfect solution to ensure the continuity of your programs.

As technology experts, BCE strives to find new solutions for the media world. Working with fully tapeless environments, BCE has created a new professional playout infrastructure that can handle numerous playout locations over a simple web interface.

The solution works as an interface between the playout servers and any content hub, it is easy to install, use and upgrade. The solution handles numerous secondary events, subtitles and can be operated by any person without the need for specific technical knowledge. As a cost-effective multi-playout infrastructure, the system can handle all standard video files.

Multi-format handling:


From MPEG4 to Windows Media video files, the solution can play almost any format and can easily be updated to new standards. Today more than 100 different formats are supported by the system.





Easy implementation:


All you need is an internet connection and a standard IT server. The system delivers an SDI output which can be connected to any device.





Multi-playout system:


The solution can operate as many servers as you want, giving you the ability to manage a limitless number of channels. The configuration is fast and a new playout can be easily added.





Highly automated:


Following the play-list, the server requests the necessary files from a digital library, each file is quickly downloaded to the server and played out in real time.





Secondary events:


As professional as any top quality playout infrastructure, multiple layers of secondary events in any format can be handled by the automation. The secondary events can be created easily in the playlist.







The solution can handle subtitles for each content and synchronise directly with an external subtitle file.





User-friendly interface:


The decentralised playout solution from BCE has an intuitive interface, can be customised easily and does not require any specific technical training.












DPlayout - On air

Server connections settings

DPlayout - Server filter settings

DPlayout - Server management