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Part of BCE's European Media Hub, digitisation plays a significant role in today's digital switchover. Dropping the tape to a file-based workflow is one thing, but converting all your audio and video archives into high-quality, broadcast-ready digital content represents a huge amount of work.

BCE digitization services

BCE's digitisation platform is one of the most important in Europe with, on the one hand, mass digitisation services (with a 50,000 hours annual digitisation capacity) and, on the other hand, the setup of provisory platforms to complete the digitisation process directly on site.

In-house services:

In-house services through the European Media Hub

BCE's in-house digitisation services grants you an immediate access to all European Media Hub services such as quality check, physical and digital restoration, archiving, indexation, high-speed file delivery, streaming, VoD and transmissions.



Mass digitisation:

BCE mass digitization platform

BCE has a mass-digitisation platform for the conversion of all your betacam tapes; it can also digitise "à la carte" any existing format, thanks to its large postproduction platform. BCE also covers theatre demands with its telecine and SD and HD editing rooms.  



Redundant archives:

All your digitised files can be stored remotely in BCE archives, opening you high-speed connections to your contents with Movie2Me and its easy-to-use content management system working with low-resolution files and powerful indexation tools.



Provisory installations:

BCE on site digitisation allows BCE technology and expertise to come to you. BCE will install a provisory platform in your premises and BCE engineers will manage the digitisation process. This platform allows only digitisation and no postproduction works, however BCE can install a Movie2Me line (high-speed file transfer) for any digital restoration. Linking our companies with Movie2Me grants you very large archiving spaces and may also be used for your content's redundancy in real time.






Digitisation services




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