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BCE offers a full range of engineering services for your business. With more than 20 years of market experience, BCE is a leader in system integration in Europe.



Whatever your needs - tapeless switchover, high definition upgrade, 3D workflow - with the strong experience of BCE in TV and radio infrastructure, installation and our contract neutral position with no specific brand or technology, BCE has the ability to work on any platform and install the technology that best suits your project.



Turnkey solutions:

Turnkey solutions

Television turnkey solutions are at the heart of BCE. Our team covers the complete project workflow, including analysis of the existing infrastructure, the search for a new building, the complete installation and team training.  





BCE both operates and installs television and radio infrastructures. This strength gives BCE a unique point of view of the market and its needs, knowing exactly how your company could achieve the best results. BCE consultancy services is the best help centre on the market, assisting with map construction, analysis of existing infrastructure with pros and cons, market analysis and development opportunities in any country, technology advice and follow up and, of course, financial analysis.



On-site intervention:

On-site intervention

The multicultural and very flexible experts at BCE provide a high-quality assistance service whenever your company requires it. Being reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the team can react quickly to your needs and solve any type of incident. As BCE do not have an exclusive contract with any technology provider, it can work on every infrastructure available on the market, dealing with your suppliers or offering you smart alternatives to enhance your company's workflow.



Infrastructure monitoring:


BCE operates a large monitoring platform. The NOC (Network Operations Centre) monitors the entire network, the broadcast links, the playout servers and content distribution for customers. With this infrastructure, BCE is aware of all your technical activities and stays alert of the situation. The NOC can solve any situations remotely or alert technicians if a physical intervention is required.





Crane work on Viasat project

Working in the network

Monitoring operations at BCE