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  Adonis on the IPAD/IPHONE

 Adonis on the IPAD/IPHONE

 Adonis on the IPAD/IPHONE




Adonis, a complete and modular solution to your playlist management needs.

Adonis creates and manages the running order for any kind of automation. It also manages primary and secondary events. Finally it controls the media information such as time breaks, segments etc... Its user-friendly interface allows a quick and easy use of the program: Adonis increases user productivity and can be integrated with any system.







  • All playlist formats for automation systems
  • Synchronisation with external schedules (advertising, clips, trailers)
  • Easy integration to any existing long-term planning system


Core business

  • Event planning
  • Detailed description of shows and productions
  • Reporting of broadcasted events (sales, program rights, rating…)
  • Integration of AsRun Log from automation



  • Control rules configuration
  • Channel templates customisation
  • Full secondary events management




Technical environment



> Architecture:

Client / server

> Language

Embarcadero® Delphi® XE

> Server:

Microsoft or Linux®

> Database:


> Client:

Windows® XP/Windows 7

> Access:

local installation or remote access via Citrix® (PC/Mac®)

> Full integrated with MBT, SGT, Plasec, …

> Compatible with Sacem, Mediamétrie, Agicoa, Scam, Sacd…



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