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Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) is a European leader in media services, system integration and software development in the areas of television, radio, production and postproduction, telecommunication and IT.

With its extensive experience on the media market, our team provides high-quality services and will always find the solution that matches your project and budget.

With more than 200 highly qualified and motivated people, BCE serves about 400 clients in various sectors, such as TV channels, radio stations, film distributors, producers, advertising companies, telecommunications operators and public services.


As BCE’s roots are in broadcasting, the company holds state-of-the-art platforms to cover all your needs in both infrastructure and services.

System integration

From small-sized analogue platforms to fully digital solutions, BCE can export its expertise to anywhere in the world. Its multi-cultural team with tropical zone experience ensures the set-up of the TV, radio, multimedia or IT infrastructure which best meets your needs and budget.

Digital Media Operations

BCE’s Digital Media Operations are a complete set of services to digitise, enrich, store, transcode, edit and distribute your content.

Software development

With software solutions expert for the media market, BCE has developed numerous solutions to manage and launch TV channels, manage content, automate systems and distribute content.


With more than 30 years of experience in the production of adverts and corporate videos, BCE has the infrastructure and manpower to build your message and make it come to life on film.

Telecom and IT

As the number one telecom hub in Luxembourg and a telecom provider, BCE has a wide range of services including a unique European data network, data centre, collocation centre and a complete set of managed services to meet your needs.

BCE aims to offer high-quality technical services, advising its clients in the fields of media content creation, distribution, infrastructure development and innovation.


We believe in regular quality improvements stemming from talks with clients, internal exchange of experiences and constructive analysis with external partners.


We are permanently reviewing our workflows and upgrading our work tools in order to make our services more efficient and consequently more attractive to our clients in terms of price and quality.


BCE is proud to remain at the forefront of technological progress in the fields of digital asset management, from production to distribution. New applications are opportunities to offer new and advanced solutions to our clients and to improve the quality of existing services.


There are no surprises; BCE commits to keeping you informed at all stages of our work, before, during and after the project.


To ensure your company receives the service that is best suited to your needs, BCE does not have exclusive contracts with any technology provider. We will always analyse your project precisely , listen to your wishes and offer you the best technology.

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