System integration: Multimedia

Comfortable in its leading position in the media market, BCE is an expert in multimedia system integration, giving the best of technology with quality and upgradability fixed by the media market standards.

BCE has done many multimedia projects, amongst them the installation of meeting rooms in ArcelorMittal university, the construction of a digitisation platform for the European parliament in Brussels, the integration of multimedia infrastructure for the conference rooms of the European Investment Bank and, most recently, the complete multimedia infrastructure of the European Conference Centre, including conference halls, meeting rooms, press room, translation facilities and digital signage.

Multimedia system integration:

Meeting rooms

Meeting and conference rooms play a leading role in business activities. They are the central exchange between customers and prospectors, spaces where sales presentations will convince and contracts will be negotiated for business development.

Technology is part of these spaces and improves the global experience by allowing for presentations with single/multiple projector and screens, live communication with other companies or subsidiaries via a video or phone conferencing system and access to key data due to improved access to external resources via internet or intranet.

Meeting rooms can become even more interactive with real-time view of presentations for numerous participants located on different sites and direct interaction with documents and access to selected files for the group.

Meeting room at the European Investment Bank
Meeting room at the European Investment Bank

Translation facilities

While the multicultural environment is at our door step, business, events and TV programmes need to be able to answer to various languages.

Because of its experience in TV integration with the installation of live translation editing rooms for the TV industry, essentially for sports, concerts and special events, BCE has strong expertise in the integration of translation systems and their operations.

With customers such as the European Conference Centre and Arte – the European multicultural channel – BCE can deliver the facility that best suits your project and needs.

Integration of translation facilities in:

  • Concert halls
  • Conference rooms
  • Sport infrastructure
  • Congress halls
  • Meeting rooms
  • Theatres
Translation room in meeting room
Translation room in meeting room

Digital signage

Digital Signage is the best way to inform your customers on-site through the use of televisions, interactive screens, tablets or even smartphones! You can interact with your customers using strong messages, information, ticketing systems, menus, promotions… there is no limit on your creativity!

Digital Signage can boost your communication and increase your sales.

Digital Signage needs to be where your customers are:

Drawing of an airport departure desk

In public places like airports, shopping malls, train stations.

Drawing of a modern office

In companies’ cafeterias, offices, warehouses.

Drawing of a bus and a taxi

In means of transport like buses, trains or even taxis.

Drawing of a restaurant

In restaurants, hotels, bars, discos.

Drawing of a museum with a mammoth

In museums, cinemas, theatres.

Drawing of a waiting area at a reception

In schools, city halls.

BCE has a wide range of services to make you succeed:


Production means for every project and any budget:

> Team of experts
> Creation of your own content, adverts, graphics
> Template design and branding
> 2D and 3D graphics
> Special effects for your content
> Music and sound


Add extra content from our partners:

> News
> Meteo
> Traffic info
> Stock exchange
> Classifieds


Official reseller of the most powerful digital signage management software: SCALA

> Easy updates
> 100% customisable
> Plan your communication in the long term


Full site installation with our engineering experts in media solutions:

> Screen multiplication with our telecom operations and internet services
> Datacentre and archiving
> Live broadcast
> Training

  • Translation room at Arte

  • Translation room at EU congress Centre

  • Meeting room at the European Investment Bank

  • Conference room at Abbaye de Neumunster

  • Meeting room at Commune de Mondorf Les Bains

  • Conference room at Deputy chamber

  • Conference room at ArcelorMittal

  • Meeting room at ArcelorMittal

  • Conference room at EU congress centre

  • Meeting room at EU Congress Centre

  • Meeting room at EU Congress Centre

  • Meeting room at EU Congress Centre

  • Newsroom at EU Congress Centre

  • Scala main interface

  • Scala create your templates

  • Scala use you own branding

  • Scala for the CNA

  • Scala news

  • Scala Weather forecast

  • Scala for the European Investment Bank

  • Scala for LuxairCargo

  • Scala for LuxairCargo

  • Digital signage for ticketing system

  • Digital signage for office at Mondorf Les Bains

  • Digital signage for ticketing system at Mondorf Les Bains

  • Digital Signage at Bettembourg

  • Digital signage with ticket totem

  • Conference room at European Investment Bank

  • Digital signage at EIB exit

  • Digital signage near restaurant

  • Digital signage at EIB entrance

  • Digital signage for multimedia pods at the CNA

  • Multimedia pods at the CNA

  • Digital signage at CNA reception

  • Digital signage at CNA restaurant

  • Digital signage over elevator