BCE at IBC 2017

“We have always anticipated the merge between IT and Broadcast technologies and decided to stop talking about new solutions and change the complete workflow of our activities to IP.” Comments Andreas Fleuter, Special Project Manager at BCE.

In 2017, BCE moved to its new premises, RTL City, the complete operations workflow has been upgraded to IP, from TV and radio production to post production and broadcast.

Meet our experts in IP technology at the IBC to discover all the opportunities of such a technology.

Based on this IP technology, our broadcasting centre is able to welcome new channels with a very short time-to-air and a worldwide coverage with our multiple distribution means.

Discover as well our recent developments in visual radio, the solution that ensure the convergence between radio and TV, while matching your needs and budget.

BCE will also present the new “cloud” features of its Traffic solutions as well as a wide range of managed services for the media world.



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Pioneers of the IP media world

At the cutting-edge of technology, BCE has a long history of using new solutions to pave the way to the future of media. As a pioneer in mass digitisation, BCE was also the first European company to drop tape and use a complete file-based workflow on its premises.

After two years of construction, the shell of our new premises, RTL City, was finished and it was time to address the details. To do so, BCE prepared the transition to IP with key partners such as SAM and VSM (Lawo). Both companies partnered in this state-of-the-art project in order to deliver new solutions that will perfectly match heavy broadcast, production and post-production systems.

BCE's Datacenter Room.

The media core

Since SDI disappeared from our workflows, the complete technology of our new building is based on standard IT systems. While enhancing flexibility, it increases the need for IT engineers and requires a perfect symbiosis between the broadcast and IT teams with the right knowledge transfer to maximise their efficiency.

In RTL City, the core installation of our infrastructure is centralised in our datacentre. This infrastructure was the first step of our project; it was paramount to get a firm platform to ensure the operations.

Managing the transition

To avoid any unsolicited incidents, BCE decided to move the different key activities one by one. More than moving a platform to a new technology, the users needed to be trained to use their new tools. While keeping the same type of environment, the IP technology opens up new possibilities and accelerates the operation of the different units.

“The IP-technology allowed the move to a fibre-based cabling infrastructure. All the areas of the building are connected through a reduced amount of cables which are able to transport a far higher number of services. The multiple changes in media services are now easier to manage without the need of modifications in the basic cable structure.” explains Alain Prim, Engineering & Systems Integration Manager.

The IP workflow opens a wide array of technologies and allows faster setup of broadcast infrastructure. New-comers are welcome for smart broadcasting over Europe, United Kingdom and abroad; companies can set up their broadcast from Luxembourg while keeping control of their activities from their country.

To ensure the continuity of the operations, IT and media engineers are working hand in hand, sharing their knowledge to ensure the perfect mix for IP-based workflows.

Game changer

Switching to full IP technology is the next big move in the media industry; we believe that IP will facilitate the evolution of TV and radio thanks to strong partnerships between IT and media experts. Both industries share unique expertise that allow a smart evolution of the digital media landscape.

The final IP solution is a real game changer in the broadcast industry. This project gave our partner the opportunity to face the needs of a massive platform, dealing with all the aspects of the industry. All the activities of BCE are now IP-based showing the market its strength and flexibility.

View of BCE at RTL City

At BCE, your channel is installed in less than a month and operational in 48 hours. By then, your channel is broadcasted on the desired territory.

With maximum flexibility, we can setup a dedicated or multi-playout platform, use our large CDN or our new Teleport to get in touch with the world. We can also provide tailor-made traffic solutions as well as advanced digital media operations to enchance your content.

Tomorrow’s media world is IP based. We want you to be part of it.

One of BCE's playout areas

Dedicated Playout

Your channel broadcasts news, live events, and has round the clock program? BCE can provide 24*7 services with a dedicated team in constant communication with your premises.

BCE operates numerous dedicated control rooms for the Nederlands, Belgium and Hungarian Market.

With 4K playout and a professional team of broadcast engineers, customers can rely on our expertise for their operations.


Do you want access to our expertise, management services and professional infrastructures while significantly reducing your costs? BCE multi-playout platform is the best option for you.

Working in a file-based environment, our engineers can manage up to 10 channels from one single control room, offering 24*7 management services.

With redundant services and a full set of channel management software, your programs can be broadcast on any screen.


You do not need a dedicated team, but need a solid platform to ensure the broadcast of your content?

Easy to set up and affordable, the Channel-in-a-box solution follows a cost-effective strategy while still offering professional services. It can be configured easily in BCE premises or anywhere else in the world.

Fully automated, it downloads its content form an archive and prepare automatically its daily operations.


Virtual TV

You wish to manage your TV station from your tablet, computer ?

BCE’s Virtual TV can be distributed as web streaming, IPTV or even delivered on other websites and features a powerful cloud-based Content Management System, easily capable of dealing with ingest, transcoding, editing, archiving and multiple distribution tasks.

Additionally, BCE’s Virtual TV includes traffic software to manage your programme library and rights, planning and playlists.

  • BCE's Network Operations Centre

  • Multi Playout Platform BCE

  • Channel-in-a-Box

  • Virtual TV Front-end

BCE Teleport coverage from Junglinster

With the rising demand of file-based technologies, IT operations are now paramount in media workflow. Such processes are expensive, time-consuming and very complex.

Setting up systems and establishing policies can become very complicated in an environment where broadcast and IT are not always working perfectly together.

The actual media market needs IT, to ensure the day-to-day operations of your company, BCE offers a set of services that fit seamlessly into your workflow but also with all the different vendor technologies and territories.

BCE’s constantly evolving managed services portfolio includes numerous services that will fit perfectly your media worklow. We are constantly monitoring the technology to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of the industry.


Monitoring of telecom links, servers and applications. Dedicated view provided via web interface.


Providing access in a fully redundant environment.

Disaster recovery / Business Continuity

Sensitive data replication. Automatic replication. Monitoring. Yearly test.


Remote installation and supervision of databases for Oracle, MySQL and MS-SQL.


Local staff in customer premises for user support level 1, 2 or 3.


Intrusion tests. Audits. Encrypted platform for confidential information. Virtual safe deposit.

Site setup or move

Installation and configuration. Local staff hiring.

Hardware purchases

Central management of purchases and international delivery for selected vendors.


Local or remote management of servers. Database management. Management of images, antivirus, security patching.


Backup/restore services with decentralised daily, weekly, monthly or yearly backups.

Phone conferencing

Worldwide voice conferencing system on dedicated lines or over the internet.


Worldwide connectivity


Online, nearline and offline archiving (storage capacity of 17000 Terabytes).

Video conferencing

Worldwide video conferencing system on dedicated lines or over the internet.


Web hosting, fire-walling infrastructure for classical web hosting, VoD and streaming.

Part of BCEMediaSuite©, BCE’s solution are the answer to all your needs to prepare, plan and manage your channel programs.

Following the idea of delivering you time saving, flexible and practical tools, we now offer you cloud-based or on-premises solutions.

Customizable, precis and perfectly synchronised, these tools are true game changers for your company.

Channel management at Antenne Reunion

Cronos, intuitive and sophisticated long term planning

Cronos creates the long- and short-term planning, delivering chronological TV program grids, including detailed titles, materials, costs and rights information.

Having a user friendly and intuitive modular interface, the processes for programing teams are improved, boosting productivity.

Strong features
> Completeness

> Long term program grid creation
> Grid cost calculation and broadcasting rights control, simplifying your broadcasting activities
> Detailed channel templates generation
> Clear simulation versioning and precise reporting
> Grid for non-linear rights /Catch-up, VOD

Library, rights and material management with Athena

Athena is a library, rights and material management solution that is able to monetise contents and synchronise with the archive and accounting department.

Its modular architecture can be integrated in BCE software solutions or any existing software making it both flexible and effective.

Strong features
> Fast library programming
> Input of any type of program
> Multi-channel description
> Easily customisable user fields settings
> Management of Free TV, VoD, Catch-up TV and Pay TV rights
> Detailed accounting per cost centre

Create and manage the runnning order with Adonis

Adonis creates and manages the running order for any kind of automation. It also manages primary and secondary events. Finally it controls the media information such as time breaks, segments etc…

This software increases user productivity and can be integrated with any system making it the ideal daily planning tool.

> All playlist formats for automation systems
> Full synchronisation with external schedules (advertising, clips, trailers)
> Event planning
> Detailed description of shows and productions
> Precise reporting of broadcasted events (sales, program rights, rating…)
> Vast Channel templates customisation
> Secondary events management

Major changes are occurring on the radio market, it is now time to embrace convergence between the radio and TV.

To meet these changes, we bring the three major elements to your station that are visual customisation, automated production and content distribution.

BCE’s visual radio is a multiscreen solution with the smartest production and distribution system.

This is why we opted for a scalable setup with an automatic camera management system, since it leaves you the time to concentrate on the integration of visual content such as promos, commercials, music, stories or any other visual content to your playlist.

For customisation, the automatic scenery of our visual radio allows you to choose either between multiple predefined and embarked sets, or to use your own.

As for flexibility, once your content is broadcasted, it is accessible on all platforms. On a smartphone, TV or IPad; our multiplatform solution offers new ways for your audience to tune in to both listen and watch your stations program.

Image of Eldoradio at BCE premises

Visual customisation

Visual radio needs to be much more than the filming of the studio, it needs to matches TV standards and offer different sets with numerous branding elements to get your programs to a new dimension.

This added-value feature will enrich your productions and rise up your audience.

Automated production

The solution allows the automatic management of your playlists and synchronised interaction with the studio.

With its management system, the solution allows the easy integration of any video content and secondary events in the playlist. The automated cameras will switch from one person to the other thanks to advanced speech detection.

Content distribution

BCE’s visual radio is a real multi-platform solution, thanks to a strong encoding system your content will appear perfectly on any existing platform and with the fastest media distribution available on the market and BCE’s content delivery network it will be broadcasted with maximum coverage.