System integration: Production and post-production

Serving many majors across the world and producing many shows, films and videos in Luxembourg, BCE both operates and installs production and post-production infrastructures. This strength gives BCE a unique position in the market, knowing exactly how the production and post-production market evolves.

To ensure the smooth enhancement of your project, BCE will take care of the design, management and engineering of your project.

Production and post-production system integration:


BCE installs any type of studios, from S to XXL sized, namely from virtual to HD production studios. BCE will provide you with the best infrastructure to fit your project or existing channel.

BCE can also install production control rooms to manage the different feeds, integrate secondary events and manage the different audio layers.

Upstream stands outside production. Relying on strong partnerships with market leaders in mobile integration, BCE provides engineering services to create OB Vans and SNG’s, but also offer upgrading services for your actual fleet.

Bringing state-of-the-art technology into your hands, BCE offers its customer universal connectivity within their infrastructure, giving all production elements the possibility to communicate through the network and even to be controlled from any point of the workflow.

The studio of RTL televizija with 2 cameramen and presenters
Studio integration at RTL Televizija


BCE installs editing rooms, audio engineering studio and work rooms, mastering editing rooms, special effects pools (2D and 3D), QC rooms and transfer and conversion hubs.

Whether it is for your own content or for work orders for other customers, BCE will provide your infrastructure with the best technology so that your employees can work in the most accurate manner.

Being a provider of postproduction services and operating a wide platform in Luxembourg, BCE is aware of market needs and therefore is the most trusted partner to advise you on the infrastructure needed for your operations.

On top of that, BCE can also provide high level training to your staff on its premises.

Editing room at Arte in Strasbourg
Editing room at Arte

  • Studio at RTL Televizija

  • Editing room at RTL Televizija

  • Production control room at Arte

  • Sound engineering at Arte

  • Sound production at Arte

  • Editing room at Arte

  • Sound recording room at Arte

  • Sound recording room at Arte

  • News studio at Nova TV

  • Studio at Nova TV

  • Studio at Creative Mine

  • Virtual studio at l'Equipe 21

  • Studio at l'Equipe 21

  • Studio at l'Equipe 21

  • Production control room at l'Equipe 21

  • Sound production at l'Equipe 21

  • Production control room at Creative Mine

  • OB van

  • OB van

  • Control room at CCK