BCE has developed a software set for media: BCEMediaSuite© answering all your needs in media digitisation, management, traffic, distribution and broadcast.

All the products of the BCEMediaSuite© are available as stand-alone solutions or can be used in modules matching the needs of your business.


BCEMediaSuite© features an all-in-one production solution: StudioTalk. Perfect for visual radio, tv channels or event coverage, StudioTalk broadcasts to any screen.


BCEMediaSuite© features a digitisation software allowing mass digitisation operations while organising all your content within the archive with the appropriate metadata.

Mass digitisation automated solution


BCEMediaSuite© embarks two powerful CMS systems tailor-made for news and post-production environments.

News management software allowing fast and accurate tasks in a newsroom environment.

Content Management System for production and post-production companies, allowing the management of content as well as the integration of work order workflows in the system.


BCEMediaSuite© features the fastest way to distribute your content and files worldwide.

File-based delivery tool, working with the UDP layer and securing worldwide content distribution.


BCEMediaSuite© deals with both linear and non-linear environments with four tools covering today’s media needs.

Decentralised TV system, installed on your preferred server which ensures the playout of up to four simultaneous channels.

News playout management solution with real-time control of the content.

Platform to create and manage your Web TV and/or IPTV channels.

Non-linear broadcast platform allowing the creation of VoD portals.