System integration: Radio

BCE’s know-how in operating radio platforms and radio system integration comes from its historical activities with RTL (Radio Luxembourg 208 was the first English speaking radio (created in 1951) and RTL Radio France (1933).

Operating various transmission sites in the country for local and international customers, BCE holds the unique position on the market of both integrator and operator of radio solutions.

This identity gives BCE a profound market view and the ability to build the most appropriate platform for your project.

Radio system integration:


From single audio editing software to state-of-the art digital studios, BCE provides you with the solution to create added-value content for your programmes (adverts, jingles, news, etc).

Studio at Eldoradio
Studio at Eldoradio


BCE is in charge of the operations and technical infrastructure of the three main national radio stations in Luxembourg (RTL Letzebuerg, Eldoradio, RTL Die Besten Hits) and one of the main German national stations (RTL Radio).

The company has a strong fidelity among its customers and has recently created a new studio for Eldoradio.

From small-sized analogue platforms to fully digital solutions, BCE can export its expertise to anywhere in the world. Its multi-cultural team with tropical zone experience ensures the set-up of the infrastructure which best meets your needs and budget.

Our teams can install radio studios, broadcast suites, editing rooms, automation and archiving. As an independent integrator, BCE will supply you with the equipment that really matches your needs and, having no exclusive contract with any technology provider, BCE will always analyse your project precisely and offer you the most suited technology.

Studio view at Radio Latina
Studio at Radio Latina

Control room

Large digital radio platforms need a routing and a monitoring system to control and supervise the complete radio transmission workflow from different studios to the transmitters.

BCE has a great deal of experience in configuring and running substantial audio router and peripheral equipment.

The company also operates an important platform in Luxembourg which allows many of its customers to broadcast their content.

Network Operations Centre
BCE's Network Operations Centre

  • Studio at Eldoradio

  • Production at Eldoradio

  • Radio software

  • Radio software

  • Studio at Eldoradio

  • Studio at Kigali Radio

  • Studio at Kigali Radio

  • Mixing console at Kigali Radio

  • Vincent Demarque testing console at Kigali Radio

  • Production at Radio Latina

  • Sound recording at Radio Latina

  • Inside the sound studio at Radio Latina

  • Speaker of Radio Latina

  • On-air at Radio Latina