System integration: Transmissions

BCE operates several high-power radio transmitters in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, with coverage extending to many Western European countries.

BCE has a unique expertise in transmission consulting, planning and the settting up of transmitter operations. Among the transmitters directly operated by BCE, there are high-power AM transmitters in Beidweiler, Junglinster and Marnach. Our FM transmitters are situated in Hosingen and Dudelange.

BCE is therefore remarkably well positioned to ensure transmissions infrastructure system integration for radio and TV in EMEA.

Transmissions infrastructure system integration:

Television and radio

As both a user and an integrator of transmission infrastructures, BCE operates various transmitters from 100 watts to 10 Kwatts* and broadcast television and radio signals in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. These daily operations are a real advantage for the installation of new infrastructure because BCE is dealing with the same aspects of working as its customers.

Our multicultural team is able to work in any country and has precise knowledge of which material is best suited for a particular market, regarding the technical reach of the transmission device as well as its capacity to endure local conditions such as temperature, humidity, dust, electrical stability, etc.

On one hand, as an expert in DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and IPTV, BCE is able to install any type of transmission infrastructure to broadcast TV channels; on the other hand, the company has a deep knowledge of FM, DAB+, DRM, LW, MW, SW, placing BCE in a comfortable position for setting-up radio solutions.

Being a company which is driven by its multiple areas of expertise, BCE’s IT experts can also configure streaming and on-demand services and connect your radio station to a website or to online promotions.

Dudelange tower
DVB-T tower in Luxembourg


Operating two teleport sites in Luxembourg and connecting a large number of key media players, BCE has strong know-how in teleport infrastructures for data, video, audio and internet connectivity.

Having long-term partnerships with the main satellite players such as SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat and Rascomstar plus the possibility to access highly negotiated contracts with the main operators, BCE is your best partner for both the integration and operation of your platform.

BCE can provide you with upgrading services for your actual teleport as well as the installation of a new uplink or downlink dish.

Our international experience and our knowledge of local conditions gives us the ability to provide you with the solution that best matches your project in terms of technology and durability.

BCE Teleport in Junglinster
Teleport in Luxembourg

File-based delivery

Connecting more than 30 major content producers and newsrooms in the world, BCE’s intelligent transfer solutions will take your digital content to a new dimension.

These solutions were developed entirely by BCE and therefore can be tailored to your infrastructure needs.

The file-based delivery solutions from BCE are:


The fastest way to distribute and exchange content between companies, it also includes a workflow engine and a mediaCMS to boost your file identification and seamless connectivity with the different structures in the company (e.g. Broadcast, Playout, Production, etc…).


It is the fastest way to connect journalists to their newsroom using the internet as the transportation layer. Working as a complete tapeless solution, it supports both SD and HD and is fully secured and encrypted. The system is easy to install with a journalist-friendly interface.

  • Transmitters and teleport in Luxembourg

  • Transmitter in Luxembourg

  • Transmitters in Luxembourg

  • Transmitters in Luxembourg

  • Teleport at BCE

  • Teleport at BCE

  • Teleport at BCE

  • Teleport at BCE

  • Teleport at BCE

  • Teleport at BCE

  • Teleport at BCE

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  • Dish on the roof at BCE