System integration: Television

With more than 30 years of media expertise, BCE is one of the leaders in TV system integration in Europe. BCE offers a full range of services for your business, covering all the television workflow as well as including all technical tasks to deliver turnkey solutions.

BCE both operates and installs television infrastructures. This strength gives BCE a unique position in the market, knowing exactly how companies can achieve the best results.

To ensure the smooth enhancement of your project, BCE will take care of its design, management and engineering. Thanks to our knowledge in multiple media technologies, BCE will also cover your needs in IT and networks systems, digital broadcast, integration, software development and support.

Ingest and archive

The main entrance of modern television infrastructure – the ingest platform – is the gateway to digital content managing all of the files that are used for broadcast, production and post-production work. Ideally connected to an archive, the platform stores quickly and easily to any input, whenever it is tape digitisation or direct feed encoding.

An expert in broadcasting and operating a strong ingest platform, connected to a massive archiving system, BCE will demonstrate its expertise in the installation of your infrastructure, dealing with your target and clearly identifying your real needs.

Ingest platform at Arte headquarters in Strasbourg
Ingest platform at Arte


As the broadcaster of more than 15 channels in Europe, BCE is the most trusted partner for playout platform integration. Dealing with all your queries and upgrades needs, BCE provides you with a solution which will meet today’s targets with regards to television, multi-screen and content exchange.

Experts in playout system integration, BCE can install 3 main types of platform:

Dedicated control room

Dedicated playout at Arte in Strasbourg

A fully dedicated platform for channels, dealing with rich content, live shows and sports and those which have a strong need for fast answers from their operator.

Multi-control room

Dedicated multiplayout platform for CLT-UFA

A platform which can manage as many channels as you wish, all managed by one person. Perfect for thematic channels and catch-up TV.


Channel-in-a-box with the PLASEC servers.

The fastest and most cost-effective way to do television, fitting in a very small space, it is a perfect blend of automation, IT and internet distribution.


Dive into the world of news with a tapeless news workflow. Easily receive the content from any source, edit the metadata, plots, summaries and titles and create ready-to-broadcast files in the fastest way.

BCE can install a complete newsroom, including workstations with all the necessary software to work on the editorial content and create the appropriate run down.

Content can also be edited directly from the newsroom; working with low resolution files, the secondary events or cut-off are integrated as a time code and will automatically modify the files from the run down.

Newsroom at EU congress centre in Luxembourg
Newsroom at EU congress centre in Luxembourg
The new interface of Newslink

In addition, BCE has also developed an in-house solution to enhance your operations:

Newslink, a software and hardware solution which connects newsrooms with their journalists using high speed Internet transfer and a news automation system which allows the easy playout of your content as well as global monitoring of your servers and archives.

Control room

Ensuring seamless operations in modern media workflows is a priority. To monitor each signal, its infrastructure, content reach and telecom operations, a monitoring platform is a strong ally.

BCE installs and operates a master control room which can monitor and manage any part of your workflow. With an intuitive GUI, a reactive alarm system and a strong ticketing system, your platform is a complete media control tower.

Thanks to open architecture, the work force is able to manage any type of platform including television, radio, transmission sites, telecom, data centre, internet, etc. and find the right solution to any issue. In addition, the system can also be accessed remotely.

Operating its own master control room, BCE has a great deal of experience in platform monitoring. To ensure your operations, BCE can also configure redundant monitoring within our own system in Luxembourg.

Network Operations Centre at Arte
Network Operations Centre at Arte


Protecting the well-being of your company is of the utmost importance. In media activities business continuity relies on playout, content, data and power.

BCE operates a disaster recovery platform in its daily workflow. As a result BCE has all the professional know-how to install the solution which best matches your business continuity plan.

Constantly monitored from a master control room, your daily activities need a backup solution. For the playout, BCE can configure a redundant final control room operated from another location and 100% available in case of an incident with an automatic connection to your archives and transmissions means. The continuity of your programmes can also be ensured through a decentralised playout solution which will automatically take charge if needed.

For content and data, the archiving system of your company must be redundant and mirrored in real-time. For media activities, where each moment of data delivery is paramount, this live dimension is a strong alternative to the classic backup solution which operates a few times per week. As a telecom operator and IT specialist, BCE can also find the best suited line of communication between your sites to ensure seamless activities.

For power management, BCE can install generators, solar farms, battery sets, etc. that will take charge in case of drop down and provide a constant source of electricity.

Power production engine
Power production engine

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