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Leading multimedia group of Reunion Island, Antenne Réunion wanted new channel management tools perfectly integrated into their television and internet workflow, including catch-up services. Antenne Réunion Télévision is a leading proximity TV channel broadcasting licensed programmes (TF1, M6, etc.) and its own productions (news, entertainment, magazines, games, etc.).

The group selected BCE’s channel management tools including Athena©, Cronos© and Adonis©. Developed by BCE, the solution can be completely tailored-made to the needs of the customer.

Aiming a reliable workflow with more flexibility

Antenne Reunion channel management tools had limited functions and could not really adapt the programme schedules to the new needs of the market.

In order to follow their evolution, the group needed a solution that could manage broadcast content while securing core-business systems.

“Being a television broadcaster, BCE perfectly identified our challenges, as well as our current TV channels issues. It is essential for a channel to be able to rely on a provider with a very high added value. The development team has been very responsive in meeting our needs. In conclusion, the support of BCE was a key factor in the success of this project.” Fabrice CHINJOIE, D.S.I. at Antenne Réunion.

It was paramount to optimize the data and information exchange with all the channel divisions (content planning, broadcast, internet, adverts, back office), to avoid multiple and useless entries and to increase productivity.

Finally the software needed to interface with the existing tools like the Broadstream broadcast or the MediaPilot advertising control system, while keeping consistent operations despite the lack of a Media Asset Management system.

Multi-function tools increasing productivity

BCE’s channel management tools answer perfectly to Antenne Réunion’s needs in both workflow integration and setup time while meeting their budget as well.

Analysis and development

As a first step, BCE conducted a study of the on-site users’ needs. This analysis helped to identify key needs, not included by default in the BCE’s solution.

The developers of BCE’s strength lies in their ability to tailor-make their solutions and thus develop and/or adapt the functionalities to fill the gaps identified during the preliminary study.

Channel management at Antenne Reunion

Configuration and migration

In order to ensure a smooth and rapid implementation, BCE first configured the solution internally. In fact, this phase allows for testing the solution in a user environment and identifying any errors caused by new developments of the programme.

Channel management at Antenne Reunion

BCE then installed the solutions remotely with a first data migration (programmes, contracts and rights). With the remote training of key users, Antenne Réunion was able to give a first acceptance of the solution.

The users’ training has been finalized during BCE’s on-site visit. A second wave of data was migrated and to ensure a seamless start within the scheduled time-frame, BCE provided on-site assistance during the first weeks of operations.

“The integration of BCE’s channel management tools is an important milestone in the evolution of Antenne Réunion. The entire value chain will be optimized from purchase tracking to audience analysis, library management, programme control or broadcast. Beyond the obvious benefits in terms of trade, these tools will permanently improve relations and information between the services and finally strengthen enterprise culture,” comments Nicolas DELACROIX, Directeur de l’antenne at Antenne Réunion.

Three solutions for more productivity

To meet the needs of the channels, BCE has implemented three key solutions to match the customer channel management tools:


Athena© is a multi-function tool managing the content library and the related rights (linear and non-linear). The solution is able to monetise the content and synchronise with the archive and accounting department.


Cronos© creates the long and short-term planning, delivering chronological TV programme grids, including detailed titles, materials, costs and rights information.


Adonis© creates and manages the running order for any kind of automation. It also manages primary and secondary events. Finally, it controls media information such as time breaks, segments etc.

BCE particularly focused on new functionalities specific to the customer’s workflow such as the possibility of characterizing “flow” type orders and acquisitions from TF1 and M6 as well as tracking the orders per vendor and period.

The team of developers also paid particular attention to the “out-of-flow” acquisitions, with the integration of the follow-up of receptions, the characterization of ordered material with its status and an alert system for “not ready-to-broadcast” content.

BCE’s solution helped to optimize and secure applications at the heart of Antenne Réunion’s business, increasing productivity as well as the reliability of information between the planning, advertising, back office and broadcasting divisions.

“We were pleased to work with Antenne Réunion. Our broadcast experience combined with the expertise of our developers’ team enabled us to customize our products to meet the specific needs of our customer,” concludes Alex Seca, Broadcast IT Manager at BCE.