HRT is a national public service broadcaster, mainly financed by viewer/listener licence fees and advertising. It has well exceeded a million radio and television listeners/viewers. Its headquarters, alongside Croatian Radio, Croatian Television and Music Productions, are housed at the new building complex at 3 Prisavlje, on the bank of the river Sava, just south of the centre of Zagreb.

HRT has seven regional radio stations and five regional TV centres. It has three national and seven regional radio channels, two terrestrial TV channels and one satellite TV channel broadcasting in Croatian. Since 1997, HRT radio and television programmes have also been broadcast digitally via satellite throughout Europe. The two international programmes, “Voice of Croatia” on radio and “Picture of Croatia” on television, are broadcast throughout Europe and overseas, notably in countries with large Croatian communities, such as Australia and the Americas.

The HRT Music Productions Department together with the Symphony Orchestra, Choir, Big Band and Tamburitza Orchestra plays an important role within the organisation.

The good reception of radio and television programmes (viewer/listener surveys) is enabled by a combined system of transmission networks and terrestrial transmitters supported by a diverse and comprehensive infrastructure.

Since January 1993, Croatian Radio-Television has been an active member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) – the largest Public Service Broadcaster organisation in the world.

Significant achievements, which need to be remembered on the occasion of the 80 th anniversary of radio and the 50 th anniversary of television, include the following major projects: the European Figure Skating championships, Zagreb 1974 and Colombo 1976, the Mediterranean Games-Split 1979, World Cup Gymnastics 1982, the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo 1984, the University Games, Zagreb 1987, the European Basketball Championship 1988, the Eurovision Song Contest, Zagreb 1990, the European Athletics Championships 1990, the Papal visits to Croatia in 1994, 1998, and 2003, two Central and South-East European summits in Zagreb in 2000 and 2005 and two World Skiing Cup competitions near Zagreb in 2005 and 2006.

HRT also boasts success in its programming, evidenced by the numerous international radio and television awards it has received. Over the years, the Croatian Radio’s Drama Programme alone has won 30 awards at reputable festivals such as PRIX ITALIA, PRIX FUTURA, PRIX JAPON, PREMIO ONDAS, PRIX CIRCOM and Croatia’s own international festival PRIX MARULIC.

However, the most memorable contribution made by HRT (radio and television) was its coverage of Croatia ‘s War of Independence at the beginning of the decade. Several journalists, cameramen and other radio and television employees were killed or wounded while filing their reports from the battlefields in occupied Croatian territory. Even the HRT Broadcasting Centre in Zagreb was under enemy fire at one stage.

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