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Get your content On Air

Get On Air with BCE with our multiple solutions for TV Broadcasting, Streaming and Radio.

Operate your own channel with our “Start and play” playout solution or let us manage everything for your with our full managed platforms.

Stream and live stream our channels, shows, concerts, sport events, meeting and conferences.

And start your own digital radio multiplex in a few clicks with our user friendly yet professional digital radio solution.

iBCE – Start and play

iBCE – Digital Radio (DAB)

iBCE – Streaming

iBCE – Mutualised playout

iBCE – Dedicated playout

Produce and promote

Re-discover the ways to produce and promote your content with BCE.

Produce shows, events, conferences, create ephemeral studios and even start your visual radio with BCE’s StudioTalk.

Simplify your workflows and rise up your production volume with the automatic creation of your content promotion, adverts and teasers.

Manage your assets

Use an intuitive content management system, based in the cloud or not and easily add metadata to enrich your database.

Ingest, manage and distribute your content with our user-friendly solution: MediaCMS.

Generate metadata automatically from any video and enhance your content indexation.

Store your content in our 100% GDPR compliant, redundant and secured cloud storage: itstored (it’s stored).

Secure your workflows

With a constant increasing number of threats, it is important to find the right set of solutions to secure your company network and connected devices.

With media workflows going over IP it is paramount to monitor your IT and Telecom infrastructure on a 24×7 basis.

Secure your workflows with the real-time analysis of your company activities, environment, networks and connected devices.

Finally secure your business critical data and build your own backup strategy with BCE.