Integration of franceinfo:

In May 2016, following a call for tender, Radio France selected BCE for the integration of the French public news channel “franceinfo:” in its premises.

“For us this project is essentially three elements, a very innovative project in this radio company, which had to integrate the requirements of television, secondly a quite unique project since it is the first time that we combine the flexibility of radio to the industrial side television in a partnership and thirdly an impossible bet since the deadlines were impossible” comments Jean-Michel Kandin DGA Techniques et technologies nouvelles at Radio France.

In three months BCE teams installed three production studios with their respective control rooms and an automated platform to manage the content and the branding of Radio France.

“The difficulty of this project was the deadline for its completion since the on-air date was set to September 1. BCE proposed proven solutions which would meet this challenge. This project has been a success thanks to a strong interaction among BCE and Radio France teams,” explains Michel Ranson, Directeur Adjoint à la direction des Moyens Techniques at Radio France.

“Our relationship with BCE was not stuck to a customer-supplier relationship,we were partners. We met once, set a rule, a date, a deadline, a goal, and then the teams have worked together. We never had to reassess together if not for the evolution of the contract and the channel was delivered on time, under the intended conditions of use and that was the most satisfying with this relationship with BCE.” Concludes Jean-Michel Kandin.

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