BCE’s values


Agility lies at the heart of our DNA. We are adaptive and responsive, delivering high quality and effective solutions matching our customers needs.


Your business is our business. We are dedicated to our customers and passionate about the work that we do together.


We go beyond. Our expertise and deep knowledge of the technologies, systems, and services, underpin a culture of constant innovation.


We are stronger together. Collaboration with our teams, customers and partners produces the focus required to achieve the best results.


We care. We believe that the well-being of all our stakeholders contributes directly to our success. We care about the future of our planet, We aim at continually reviewing and improving our environmental impact.


We are a multicultural, multinational community. And proudly so. We are transparent. Transparency is a practice of responsibility towards all our stakeholders who support us in our daily business.


Fairness activates business-critical relationships. It motivates employees, generates customer loyalty and produces resilience.