ACA entrusts BCE for the production and live streaming of the ACA Insurance Days 2020

Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association (ACA) selects Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) to produce and ensure the live stream of the 4 days event ACA Insurance Days 2020.

Founded in 1956, ACA is the professional association of Luxembourg insurers and reinsurers. ACA has 140 members, including 80 insurers and reinsurers, of either local or foreign origins. Its main tasks are the promotion and defense of the insurance sector, the communication and information to its members, the collection and distribution of statistics to its members, the contribution to social dialogue, promotion of the place of insurance in the academic world and training, the mediation between clients and insurers, alongside the ULC (Luxembourg Consumer Union) and, as a partner of the House of Training, the offer of continuous professional development training.

For its 8th edition, Pedro Castilho, founder and owner of Verbalius, developed with ACA a complete digital event. Taking place online with two hours live immersion per day on the 9th, 12th, 19th, and 24th of November 2020, the ACA Insurance Days, named “The World After”, features numerous expert talks and pitches, live chat interaction, key interviews with stakeholders such as Nicolas Mackel, the CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, Carlo Thelen, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg and Marc Lauer, the Chairman of the ACA to name but a few. In addition, the ACA Insurance Days 2020 features the ACA Insurance Innovation Award.

“The ACA’s wish was to bring the atmosphere of the physical ACA Insurance Days to the digital world. In the proposed concept it was obvious that the format “TV show” could bring all the professionalism and elegance of the face-to-face exchanges of the previous editions. The partnership with a provider like BCE was an obvious choice.” Explains Pedro Castilho, Founder and Owner of Verbalius.

BCE, a European leader in media services, system integration and software development in the areas of television, radio, production and postproduction, telecommunication, and IT, ensures the production, coverage and live streaming of the event which takes place at the LuxExpo studio and at the ECCL (European Convention Centre Luxembourg).

Prior to the event, the ACA and partners were at BCE premises to record various short videos in order to promote the event on its different communication channels.

“Our premises feature numerous studios which can be used for our customers productions. Completely equipped with lights, video and sound systems, the studios can be fully branded to the customer needs and are ready to use for recorded or live productions.” Explains Laurent Seve, Marketing Manager at BCE.

For the three morning sessions at the LuxExpo, BCE ensures a hybrid production of the event with a mix between on-site interview and remote stakeholders via Visio-conference systems. For the academic session at the ECCL, BCE will be on site with its High Definition (HD) outside Broadcast vehicle, a camera crane, camera crews, video and Visio conference engineers, 4K cameras, robotic cameras, lights and high-quality audio systems. Both locations will be covered in full HD.

Freecaster, a subsidiary of BCE, ensures the live streaming of the complete event. Thanks to an extended Content Delivery Network (CDN), the streaming remains available in HD during the complete event, even in case of audience peaks, while the adaptative bitrate of the player allows any viewer to follow the live stream regardless of their connection speed.

In addition the event features live to Video on Demand (Live to VoD) to allow the viewers to watch the event after its live broadcast, or to follow the event if they were not able to attend the live sessions.

“We are glad to cover the ACA Insurance Days 2020, our professional production crews and means combined to our streaming expertise allows us to match the high-quality requirements of the ACA. It is important to create a real online experience for the viewers and keep the essence of the community.” concludes Xavier Thillen, Head of Production & Digital Media Operations at BCE.