ENEX is an association of the world’s leading commercial TV broadcasters. ENEX members share their news content and their news production resources. ENEX holds permanent satellite capacity for use by members.

Content Exchange

ENEX members exchange their daily news videos, ensuring exclusivity, relevance and local insight. ENEX members contribute more than 25,000 news items per year to the content exchange that is facilitated by the Coordination Centre in Luxembourg. They share live signals over the ENEX satellite whenever breaking news happens, often being the first on the spot.

Purchasing Cooperative

ENEX members leverage their buying power as a group, especially by sharing a common satellite contract, thus achieving significantly lower operation costs. The satellite is used by each member for its own newsgathering efforts, on a pro-rata basis according to the membership fees. In 2011, ENEX members used more than 13,000 hours of satellite time for news and also for sports and entertainment programme transmissions.

Production resources sharing

ENEX members share their news production resources so that they feel at home in every country of the network. They organize pool productions for important world events (political summits, sports, social events) in order to share costs and make news production more affordable.

With BCE

Content management:

  • Integration of Newslink for newsrooms and for journalists in their workflow.
  • Development of a news content management system.

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