Museum TV


Launched in 2017, Museum TV is the first television channel entirely dedicated to the visual arts. Museum TV was designed around a simple proposition: entertainment, stories and information for anyone who has ever visited an exhibition.

The channel covers Fine Arts (classical, modern, contemporary), but also Street-Art, comics, digital art, photography, video art, architecture, design and factual entertainment.
Museum TV’s mission is to provide entertainment, discovery and information through programs exclusively dedicated to the arts in the form of documentaries, games, series, competitions and interviews.

Museum tv is distributed in more than 40 countries around the world and offers a unique viewing experience to its audience with content accessible on all connected devices in live, VOD and replay.

With BCE

Start & Play:

  • 4K diffusion.
  • OTT integration: Live, VOD and Social Networks publication.
  • Multi-channel playlists management.

System integration:

  • Playout.
  • Monitoring.


  • Automation of the transfer of large files with BCE’s M2M file-based content.