Live Coverage of the ING Night Marathon

BCE, renowned for its expertise in media production and broadcasting, was chosen by the ING Night Marathon organizers, namely ING, Ville de Luxembourg, VDL Roll & Run and Step by Step, to deliver comprehensive coverage of the marathon.

The ING Night Marathon in Luxembourg, one of the most prestigious running events in the country, once again received exceptional live coverage this year. With their state-of-the-art OB Van (Outside Broadcast Van) and a dedicated production crew, BCE ensured that the thrilling moments of the marathon were captured and shared with audiences worldwide. The live coverage encompassed various aspects, including filming the race, live editing, and live streaming to the website of RTL Letzebuerg, the prominent Luxembourg Television and Radio broadcaster.

Spectators and running enthusiasts had the opportunity to witness the race unfold in real-time through the live stream, which was made accessible on RTL Letzebuerg’s website. The immersive experience allowed viewers to feel a part of the marathon, no matter their location.

In addition to the online streaming, BCE facilitated the display of the live coverage on screens strategically positioned throughout the event venue, including the arrival hall. This ensured that participants, their families, and supporters could follow the progress of the runners closely and enjoy the atmosphere of the marathon.

The collaboration between the ING Night Marathon and BCE exemplifies the commitment to offering an exceptional event experience, not only to the participants but also to those unable to attend in person. The live coverage brought the excitement of the marathon directly to screens, ensuring that viewers could share in the joy and determination of the runners.

“I am extremely proud that BCE was once again chosen to provide live coverage for the ING Night Marathon in Luxembourg. Our dedicated production team, coupled with our advanced OB Van, allowed us to capture the essence of this event. By delivering real-time filming, editing, and streaming services, we were able to bring the excitement of the marathon to a global audience. It is our privilege to contribute to the success of such a prestigious event and showcase the endurance and determination of the participants. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the ING Night Marathon and providing outstanding coverage for years to come.” Concludes Xavier Thillen, Head of Production and Digital Media Operations at BCE.

For more information about the ING Night Marathon in Luxembourg, including the live coverage provided by BCE, please visit https://www.ing-night-marathon.lu/

Featured picture of the ING Marathon | Creator: gschmit | Credit: Editpress | Copyright: Rom Helbach