Luxembourg for Finance goes live from BCE’s studios

The digital event series “Focus on”, from Luxembourg for Finance, the Agency for the Development of the Financial Centre will now be hosted as well as produced and streamed by BCE.

Since September 2020, BCE is live producing and live streaming the digital events of Luxembourg for Finance. To do so BCE had installed an ephemeral studio at Luxembourg’s Chamber of Commerce. The “Focus on” series are now taking place at BCE’s grand studio located at RTL City in Luxembourg City (Kirchberg).

A complete set was designed to meet the branding of Luxembourg for Finance. Directly connected to BCE production and streaming platform, the studio is fully equipped with professional lights and cameras to ensure broadcast-grade productions and seamless live streaming.

The studio is also connected to a video conference system to ensure the perfect interactivity between the onsite and online speakers. In addition, the graphics team at BCE customized the channel branding of the digital event to meet the Luxembourg for Finance identity.

Luxembourg for Finance at BCE’s studio.

Luxembourg for Finance control hub at BCE’s studio.

Luxembourg for Finance video conference.

With BCE’s streaming solution, the production team can build web pages for each event (which can be accessed after the live sessions) and can add real-time interaction tools when requested, such as polls, live graphics, forms or even chats. Mobile friendly, the event page features a player with adaptative bitrate which ensures the best experience on any platform, any OS (Operating System).

Thanks to an extended CDN (Content Delivery Network) with key partners, the live stream is always available, even in case of massive audience peaks. Furthermore, with the live to VoD (Video on Demand), the digital event is immediately available for replay at the end of the live streaming.

“We are glad to support the evolutions of Luxembourg for Finance. Their “Focus On” series have become a reference in digital events in Luxembourg.” Concludes Xavier Thillen, Head of Production & Digital Media Operations at BCE. “Much more than using our professional studio, Luxembourg for Finance is now connected to our network and multiple services and expertise.”

Luxembourg for Finance event branding