Digital Media Operations: Digitisation

BCE can digitise any type of material. Having worked for many years with US majors, television channels, archivers and global producers, BCE delivers film scanning, mass digitisation and tape ingest services, converting content to any format.

BCE digitisation services range from manual operations, a mass digitisation platform and file reception services. BCE can also ensure its services via a provisional platform installed in your premises. Content can be stored in our redundant archives.

Manual operations

Time is the enemy of our physically archived content as it suffers from multiple use as well as Vinegar syndrome. While the final stage is impossible to curate, the degradation caused at an early stage can be manually corrected before and after digitisation.

BCE can perform both tasks, ensuring the highest file quality in order to facilitate content re-purposing, or direct use in ready-to-broadcast files.

Telecine digitisation
Digitisation of films with the Telecine

Mass Ingest

Do you have a large amount of material which would take too long using traditional means? BCE holds one of the largest video and audio digitisation platforms in Europe. With a capacity of more than 30,000 hours of high definition video per year, we ensure the best and fastest digitisation of your archives.

BCE takes care of everything, from material reception to file distribution, including any special request to enhance your content value.

All your digitised files can be stored remotely in BCE archives, opening you high-speed connections to your content with Movie2Me and its easy-to-use content management system working with low-resolution files and powerful indexation tools.

Ingest platform at BCE (RTL City)
Ingest platform at BCE

In your premises

BCE can also install a provisional platform in your premises, managed by BCE engineers.

This platform allows only digitisation and no postproduction works, however BCE can install a Movie2Me line (high-speed file transfer) for any digital restoration.

Linking our companies with Movie2Me grants you very large archiving spaces and may also be used for your content’s redundancy in real time.

Provisional digitisation platform
On-site digitisation with a fully equipped platform that fits in three flight cases

Files reception

The traffic team manages the reception of your files, each item immediately appearing in the MediaCMS where it receives a unique identification code. After an automated QC, your files are enriched with metadata through manual work and automated processes thanks to the advanced templates management system of the CMS.

The traffic team can also manage bulk upload. Sending a large amount of files with a detailed list in a simple comma separated file (CSV) or an XML file allows the perfect integration of the files in the MediaCMS. Thanks to advanced templates, the metadata can then be easily populated following the upload.

This feature allows majors and large TV stations to easily manage large video inventories and create batch processes to rapidly spread their content to a wide array of platforms and TV partners.

MyMediaCMS interface for customers to interact with BCE's Digital Media Operations
File reception in MyMediaCMS