LUXE.TV renews its trust in BCE’s Start and Play

LUXE.TV, the leading luxury channel, has renewed its contract with Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) for the media management, content storage, global distribution, and broadcast of their channels.

LUXE.TV is the world’s leading luxury television channel and media. It is broadcast 24/7 on cable, boxes, satellite and OTT platforms in several languages, reaching more than 65 countries around the world through lasting relationships with more than 100 operators. LUXE.TV has over 462 million subscribers worldwide and brings its audience the latest in luxury news and luxury lifestyle content.

Since 2019, LUXE.TV has been using BCE’s services to broadcast its two channels: LUXE.TV Francophone and LUXE.TV International. Towards the end of June 2022, the luxury channel renewed its contract with BCE for 3 years, extending the partnership until 2025.

While LUXE.TV remains in charge of all editorial decisions and all aspects of content production for the channel, the company will use BCE’s Start and Play: a cloud-based solution that perfectly fulfils their needs for HD and 4K broadcast, multi-language audio versioning, content management with a playlist editor and multi-platform distribution.

BCE’s service includes the provision of 24/7 monitoring by BCE’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and a direct connection to BCE’s Itstored, the cloud and backup storage solution. Itstored will allow LUXE.TV to backup the channel’s content immediately to a secure platform.

“The renewal of LUXE.TV trust in our services proves that BCE’s Start and Play delivers a professional environment while empowering its constant development.” Explains Stéphanie Schaeffer, Sales Account Officer at BCE./

“At LUXE.TV we pride ourselves on bringing our audience a channel of the highest quality, both in terms of content and technology. For our technological evolution, BCE is our best ally in this field. We look forward to exploring more ways that we can work together, enlarge our footprint and enrich our programmes with this partner.” Concludes Jean Stock, Founder of LUXE.TV