Secure your media content

Cloud storage and automated backups

Manage your media-critical data
with BCE’s MCloud

Incorporate BCE’s Mcloud solution and securely store limitless TV content, rushes, music, documents, and other critical data in our fully redundant Datacenters. Access your media-critical data remotely and work with cloud-based devices and media applications without unexpected billing charges.

Store in Europe

BCE’s Mcloud solution features three fully redundant Datacenters, each ISO 27001 certified, offering you secure storage for your content. Simply drag and drop your data into the system for seamless accessibility from anywhere at any time. It’s easy to use and ensures the continuous availability of your critical data.

Backup and secure your media-critical data

Ensuring the continuity of your media content is crucial for your business. With BCE’s Mcloud, centralize and perform constant backups of your computer files, applications, and digital data in redundant datacenters, guaranteeing complete data recovery in case of an unexpected incident.

Deploy virtual servers

Run your media applications and resources in a secure environment with BCE’s cloud. Configure your virtual servers to suit your needs and work remotely from anywhere.


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Stéphane Gerard