RSI goes visual and beyond with StudioTalk

The Radiotelevisione svizzera (RSI) selected Broadcasting Center Europe (BCE) to ensure the integration of their new studio with the StudioTalk solution, going further regarding video production and studio automation.

Following the first installation of a StudioTalk instance at RSI, the swiss Italian radio was looking to enrich its visual radio productions thanks to a new and larger studio. It was paramount to keep the radio spirit, therefore RSI used the latest evolutions of StudioTalk in terms of automation and screenwriting.

StudioTalk was tailored to meet the needs of the Program Director. As a result, in addition to the complete management of the video and radio production, the integration of external content and the management of the studio video sets, the operator can now manage all the lights and the set decorations directly from the StudioTalk console and can trigger interaction with the audience via Skype. To further enrich the viewers experience, BCE’s solution can do airtime with other studios with seamless transitions allowing the RSI to switch to another studio, to present the News for instance.

To minimize the production work, BCE’s solution analyzes in real-time the microphones sound, regulate both live and automatic audio height and selects the best camera in the studio to picture the presenters and guests. Thanks to a smart map of the studio integrated in the StudioTalk, the titles of the persons are perfectly integrated and synchronized with the production.

To push the boundaries of automation, the RSI can create automated workflows, orchestrating the programs and automatically triggering the branding, sets, lights, and decorations to produce quality and seamless shows. The operator can also choose at any moment to switch to manual mode and control all the modules of the studio.

“StudioTalk is a solution who helps our customer to move in the highly automated production systems environment. We have designed a solution which can automate every system in a studio, allowing the RSI to concentrate on its content.” Explains Olivier Waty, Technology and Project Director at BCE.

Due to the pandemic and therefore the strict restrictions in Switzerland, BCE’s integration team could not be on site to ensure the integration of the system. In order to meet the deadlines, the different elements were pre-configured at BCE premises. The installation and configuration at RSI were done remotely from Luxembourg.

“Our goal is customer satisfaction; our teams are flexible enough to adapt to any situations. Due to the COVID-19, we change our workflows to assist the customer in the integration of the platform in its studio and the configuration and training were done remotely.” Adds Olivier Waty.

“StudioTalk was chosen mainly for its flexibility, its automatic mode (during the broadcast) and the possibility of being able to interface the system with our current radio playout system. StudioTalk has allowed us to simplify the work of the control room technician: with a single software, it is now possible to manage several items such as lighting or the content on the videowalls. In addition, thanks to the system’s high level of automation, the studio can also be managed by a single operator.” concludes RSI.