Live translation and sign language

Cloud-based solution to add translation and sign language to live videos.

Maximize your audience with Holovox

Holovox offers a cloud-based solution that enables your live event to have multiple voice-over layers in different languages and sign language video insertion. This ensures that your audience can understand and enjoy the event regardless of their language or hearing abilities.

Organize your team

BCE gives you access to your own Holovox environment via an intuitive web-based application.

With a supervisor account, you can manage the access and rights of each member, get an overview of all upcoming events, easily create new events, and assign available members to them.

Prepare your live

All you need to run Holovox system is a computer, an internet connection, a webcam or camera, headphones and a microphone.

With the system’s multi-language translation feature, multiple team members can collaborate on the same project, allowing your audience to choose their preferred language during the live event.

Go live

Open the intuitive interface and start translate in several languages. Access the cloud remote controller, which can be opened in your computer or on your smartphone browser, allowing you to manage the ambient sound, as well as titles, graphics and the live stream of your members.

Add sign language

Directly connected to your webcam or professional camera, Holovox adds your sign language video layer to the live stream. Select which video to activate or deactivate in your main live video from Holovox cloud-based interface.


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Victorien Loiseau