Go live from your own studio

Smart production suite for the live streaming of your meetings and conferences.

Sit down, begin your program and let
StudioTalk follow you and create the show!

Transform an existing meeting room in an intelligent studio, allowing the automated creation of live and non live videos, as well as the hosting of meetings and conferences.

Start immediately

Regardless of the size or layout of your environment, StudioTalk can easily fit into any space. The system is installed by our experts and integrated with cameras, lights, screens and sound system. Once connected to your website or social network, you can go live immediately.


StudioTalk’s intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) let you control everything in the studio. You can also trigger the automated mode and let StudioTalk ensure seamless production of your live shows.


Consult your videos, build your playlists (drag and drop), add your own branding, configure your studio sets and synchronise the titles and graphics with your participants thanks to a solid content management system.


StudioTalk’s productions can be distributed via BCE’s streaming services, providing broad access to your content across all screens. With the option to create your own replay platform, built from your recordings, you can further enhance your customers’ experience with on-demand access to your content.


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Frédéric Fievez