With more than 30 years of experience in video production and event coverage, BCE has the infrastructure and manpower to build your message and make it come to life on video.

Only motion creates emotion. To do this, BCE has a complete range of services to ensure the recording of your work and advanced professional means to ensure the best results before, during and after the production.

BCE is very active in the media industry. This provides your company with unlimited possibilities for your communications. You will have access to internet streaming platforms, Video on Demand (VoD), website hosting, smartphone delivery, worldwide digital distribution, television, theatres, interactive presentations and much more. BCE also has privileged relations with media partners, granting you access to the most important communication network in Europe.

Video production

Video is the most effective way to capture your audience through strong messages.

With the right partner you will be able to get in touch with your market using many different media such as internet platforms, television channels, theatres and even streaming video directly to your audience’s smartphones.

  • Dedicated follow up
  • Video, sound and light experts as well as make-up artists, hairdressers, etc.
  • 2D and 3D Special effects

Event coverage

Whether it is a seminar, conference, trade fair, special promotion or official event, your company worked hard to organise it.

It is important that your video coverage meets the same standards as the rest of your programme. BCE offers high-quality services that suit your needs.

With previous clients such as the City of Luxembourg, SES, RTL, the European Investment Bank, the European Court of Justice, la Bourse de Luxembourg and ArcelorMittal, BCE is the most trusted partner for your event coverage.

  • Highly experienced professionals
  • Satellite coverage, live streaming and transmission
  • PA Stage, sound and lighting
  • Design set up

The HD outside broadcast van 1 comes with new professional features allowing the best HD coverage for sports, news and entertainment events.

Main features:

  • Up to 14 Grassvalley LDX86 cameras
  • Digital HD/SD and 16:9 > 4:3 switchable
  • On-board editing for pre, live and post-production
  • Expandable to 3.75m in width for comfortable working

Outside Broadcast truck equipped with HD cameras
HD OB Van 1
Outside Broadcast Van map
Outside Broadcast Van map

The HD outside broadcast van 2 comes with all the necessary features for smaller events production or as a second feed production van.

Main features:

  • Perfect size for news, small sports and events
  • On-board editing for pre-, live- and postproduction
  • Quick rig time
  • Ideal sub-control for host-broadcasters (2nd feed production)

Van for the outside production and broadcast
HD OB van 2
Map of inside the OB van 2
HD OB van 2

The two SNG vans from BCE give you the best technology to complete your OB vans or as a a lone Outside Broadcast Vehicle with on-board cameras.

Main features:

  • On board editing for pre-, live- and postproduction
  • Integrated power generator
  • MPEG-2 operations
  • Outside broadcast vehicle with 1-2 cameras

SNG vehicles wih dish opened
Large studio at BCE prepared for Asteroid Day show
Large studio at BCE prepared for Asteroid Day show

The BCE production studio is well adapted for the production of end-to-end advertising spots, television programmes or corporate videos.

Size: 225 square meters (Length: 15.5 m / Width: 14.5 m / Height: 7.5 m)

Inside Cyclorama, Air conditioning, Make-up rooms, Compulite Micron-3B lighting control desk, 48 Hoists suspensions.

Live streaming

BCE provides you with the best web streaming solutions with the perfect blend of state-of-the-art technology, professional video production and added-value web services.

BCE has combined the best of two worlds: the production means to deliver high quality professional footage to your audience, and an advanced IT platform allowing seamless viewing and multi-platform broadcast.

Reaching your audience is important but interacting with the viewers is even better. BCE’s live streaming technology allows public interaction via a live chat interface or even with direct integration of video feeds in the live streaming video.

Thanks to BCE’s content delivery network, you will be able to get in touch with your entire audience and ensure seamless streaming for all viewers.

How does BCE content delivery network work

Live interaction

BCE live streaming services provide you with two forms of interaction with your viewers or with other employees that may not be present on site.

Example of live chat during live streaming
Live chat during live streaming

The live chat is a widget that is installed on your web page next to your video player. The system is triggered via a web console and launched the day of the event. You are then able to interact with your audience, post extra information, answer directly to messages and moderate the content that is posted in the live chat.

Our broadcasting platform and video conference system makes possible the interaction of other video coverage within the main live streaming video feed.

The extra video feed can be done via a professional production team located on another site or via Skype, opening new communication possibilities for your events.

User interface in the live chat system
Live chat online console