Voice-over from anywhere

Cloud-based voice-over production & management solution

Empower your live events with Holovox

Add multiple voice-over layers, live translation, graphic layers management and team coordination.


Manage your team

Gain access to a user-friendly cloud-based platform where you can easily monitor your upcoming events, delegate a team to each one, and seamlessly go live.

Control your settings in a single tool

Control your live audio & video streams, titles & graphic insertions with an easy-to-use remote controller. Access it from your computer or smartphone browser and let the magic begin.

Add voice over remotely

Add one- or multi-language voice-over streams to your live shows with Holovox and allow your commentators to work from anywhere with a simple Internet connection.

Live translation and sign language insertion

Directly connected to your webcam or professional camera, Holovox adds your sign language video layer to the live feed. With our cloud-based interface, you can effortlessly select which videos to activate or deactivate in your main live video.

Ensure the continuity of the live

Immerse your audience in your live events and ensure live monitoring of the event, with BCE’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) team available 24/7. Our team provides security for your operations and supports you during the live.


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Victorien Loiseau