Manage your TV Traffic

Empower your content strategy

Run an effective content strategy
with BCE’s Traffic solution

With BCE’s traffic suite, you can manage your content library and rights, generate planning and playlists, automate your running order, and plan upcoming program promotion campaigns.

Manage your library and rights

Manage multiple channels in one tool with BCE’s library and rights management solution. Monetize content, synchronize with the archive and accounting department, and enhance metadata to upgrade your distribution process.

Schedule your channels content

From an intuitive platform, create your long and short-term planning, easily generate your video playlists and deliver your program grids to your running order.

Ensure the continuity of your programs

BCE’s TV Traffic handles the running order management of your channels. It also manages primary and secondary events. Finally it controls the media information such as time breaks, segments etc…

Schedule your promo content

Plan your content promotion strategy and build automated promotion campaigns for your content. Alert on new seasons, new programs, programs in Replay, etc. and allow the person in charge of promos to decide on the auto promos to produce (learn more about BCE’s automatic promo editor tool).


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