Secure your content with BCE’s Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Benefit from BCE expertise in content protection and content rights management. BCE is part of RTL Group and works with majors, fulfilling the strongest requirements.

BCE DRM is a multi-platform, multi-DRM solution that can either be integrated in your environment (OVP) or come as a bundle with BCE media preparation and OVP services (content transcoding, packaging, playout and distribution by CDN).


BCE works in a multi-DRM environment ensuring that the customers can view your content on any platform, any device, any OS, anywhere.

Our service removes the cost and complexity to set-up and maintain DRM systems.

BCE is:

  • Play Ready server Licencee
  • Certified Widevine implementation Partner
  • Apple Fairplay Integrator

DRM workflow

Content keys are delivered to your OVP, protecting both live and on-demand content during packaging.

BCE DRM receives and stores the content keys that will be required to unlock the content. When users require to play-back a video, a licensing mechanism managed by BCE grants them with access (or not), sending them a licence for playback to start.

BCE offers you as well to benefit from its end-to-end servicing capabilities, ingesting, preparing and streaming your content directly to your audience (See “Encrypted OVP” below).

Content encryption

To ensure that your capabilities can scale with your audience (even for sudden peaks), the keys server is operated by BCE’s Private Cloud. The solution is compliant with the CENC standard, ensuring it compatibility with all commercial encoders and packagers.

BCE can deploy the solution as well over a Hybrid Cloud, allowing the deployment anywhere in the world without impacting its performance.

With this DRM as a Service (DaaS) solution, you can protect your content immediately without heavy installation investment nor complex management tools. Nevertheless, BCE can install the system in your premises while keeping a decentralized management.

Licences management

Cloud-based to ensured perfect scalability, it is interfaced with your conditional access server which regulates your customers access to your content.

Essential component of the workflow, the licences server is:

  • Fully managed by BCE
  • Leveraging BCE certifications with major DRM systems
  • Integrated with your Customer Management Service (Access Rights management)

Offline viewing

BCE DRM authorize online and offline viewing (it allows the viewers to consult the content without Internet access).

The stored content is pre-encrypted, and the authentication process is done upon download, allowing offline playback (persistent licensing).

You can control the business rules that apply to the offline content, such as the rental period.


Manage and get reports on your licensing activity. Know how your licensing evolves with time and configure the delivery and authentication mechanisms.

Should your desire to measure and understand your viewers behavior with precise indicators including information on contributors, syndications, top played content, interactions, media type as well as technical details on media latency and drop-off, you can make use of BCE player.

Encrypted OVP

BCE DRM solution can as well be bundled with BCE OVP service which takes in charge any file format (MP4, ISMV, ISMA to name but a few, hence allowing you to reuse existing content libraries) and any transfer protocol (RTMP, RTP, http, etc.).

To ensure flawless adaptive streaming delivery (in HLS or MPEG-DASH), our OVP creates first a multitrack video container (fMP4, Web-M, etc.) which is then encrypted with a unique key during the packaging process.

BCE OVP comes as well with CDN capacity for worldwide content distribution.

The licensing process integrates with your Customer Management System in real-time, authenticated users according to your business logic and granting them with playback authorization.

Media preparation

To prepare your content, BCE grants you access to its Digital Media Operations, a complete set of services including digitisation, enrichment, storage, transcoding and editing. BCE can transcode any type of format and store your content online, nearline and even offline, depending of the content use.

Service management

To ensure the resilience of the DRM solution, BCE is running the platform on a redundant platform and monitors the system 24/7 with dedicated personnel.

Moreover BCE helpdesk is available for change and incident management.