Broadcasting over Europe and worldwide,

BCE is your best ally for your channel.

BCE is the first company with a full IP-based workflow and playout platform.

BCE has the know-how to provide you with a complete and integrated bundle of services to get your channel to air with full confidence, in smoothly blending and inter-operating IT, telecom and technical services.

Broadcasting Center Europe mainly covers Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg but is perfectly able to service abroad to customers located in the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Africa, India and Asia.

View of BCE at RTL City

Your Gateway to Europe

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Multiple broadcast and post production services
  • Global connectivity
  • Easy Licence Access
  • Located in the heart of Europe: 1 market, 28 countries
  • 500 million consumers
  • 60% of EU reachable by 1 hour flight
  • Free mobility of capital, products, services and labour



Worldwide connectivity

As a telecom operator, BCE has global telecom lines with a strong presence in Europe. Hosting 3 of the main worldwide players positions BCE at the heart of telecommunication in Luxembourg. BCE’s telecom network is one of the largest telecom networks targeted for the media market in Europe.

BCE offers numerous ways to deliver your content to the world.
  • We have one of the largest telecom network for media companies.
  • Our content delivery network can connect virtually to any destination in the world
  • And our strong partnership with satellite operators such as SES opens new horizons to your channel.
  • Finally we have a direct redundant connectivity to the United Kingdom.
BCE Teleport coverage from Junglinster

The teleport is directly connected to BCE headquarters in Luxembourg City, bringing about new possibilities for television broadcasting as well as data transportation.

With BCE’s connectivity in Europe, it is easy to set up a connection from any major European city and use our teleport for broadcasting and data distribution as well as for the reception of content.

BCE’s teleport is always evolving, with plenty of room available for companies looking to install their own dishes. To do so, BCE’s system integration teams are available to bring your project to life or to offer project management services.

The site is perfectly secured 24×7 thanks to our monitoring platform.

BCE offers file-based distribution services worldwide. Thanks to our in-house developed system, BCE can initiate and automate the transfer of large files all across the globe.

With exceptional performance and advanced security, BCE can easily connect to any destination in the world at a reasonable cost.

Movie2Me deliver network

Full Managed Services

Dedicated playout

The solution integrates 4K and Full HD playout, advanced graphics, redundant video server, subtitles and can even manage local advertising to target the different regions where your channels are broadcast.


Working in a file-based environment, our engineers can manage up to 10 channels from one single control room, offering all day management services.

Multi-playoutDedicated playout
Core offering
SD PlayoutIncludedIncluded
HD PlayoutIncludedIncluded
UHD PlayoutIncludedIncluded
Frame accurateIncludedIncluded
Dolby / AudioprocessingOptionIncluded
Compliance recordingIncludedIncluded
Separate automationIncludedIncluded
Redundant video serverIncludedIncluded
Local advertisingOptionOption
Last minute changesOptionIncluded
Channel management software
Library and rightsIncludedIncluded
Program planningIncludedIncluded
Running orderIncludedIncluded
As-run logIncludedIncluded

BCE’s Digital Media Operations are a complete set of services to digitise, enrich, store, transcode, edit and distribute your content.

Completely file-based, the services are managed by BCE with its postproduction content management system MediaCMS, tracked and controlled by the customer through a dedicated cloud-based tool MyMediaCMS and operated by BCE’s experts.

Servicing well-known majors, BCE brings your content into a new dimension, maintaining a cost-effective approach to match your needs and budget.

BCE's Digital Media Operations

While your team focus on content broadcasting, BCE ensures the perfect blend of programme preparation and solid infrastructure. Our customers are the guarantors of our platform stability and high level of services. Thanks to its worldwide operations and local partners, BCE is able to provide tools tailor-made to the local market, following new compliance regulations and allowing your company to enrich its programme offer worldwide.

Being able to manage the complete traffic management of your channel, our software will provide you with the perfect transformation of programme grids to playlists and running order. Frame accurate, the running order will come with secondary events; integration of adverts, promos, external schedules and video clips. BCE’s will also provide you with the AsRun Log and compliance recording tools.

Finally BCE broadcast software generates the appropriate reporting for the media regulation entities and the author rights management with the author rights collecting agencies.


Thanks to in-house broadcast software tailor-made to your needs, BCE provides a complete suite of advanced tools which allow you to manage your programme catalogue, schedule your programmes, create your grids and cost simulations and get clear reports in order to analyse your activity and adapt your broadcast operations.

Daily Planning : BCE offers the knowledge for primary and secondary event planning and media information controlling.

Long term planning : We can give you the capacity of delivering chronological TV program grids, including detailed titles, materials, costs and rights information

BCE experts can provide assistance at any step of your operations and work with these tools following your needs and channels programmes but also reporting of broadcasted events (sales, program rights, rating…)

Channel management at Antenne Reunion

Cloud Services

Start and Play

You wish to broadcast your channel immediately with a powerful yet affordable solution. BCE’s Start and Play Broadcast solution can be easily setup, allowing the broadcast your channel within a short time-frame.

Why Luxembourg ?

From Luxembourg

Ideally located in the center of Europe, BCE premises are a few minutes away from the Airport and a 10 minutes ride form the railway station

Business Friendly

1st competitive country in EU
2nd EU country for economic health
1st highest labour productivity in the world
Strong legal, regulatory and tax regime

Stable & reliable

Sound macroeconomic fundamentals (AAA rated)
Political stability and neutrality
Access to public authorities
Reduced bureaucratic hurdles