Digital Media Operations: Content processing and distribution

With the evolution of media platforms turning original content to dynamic ready to air/stream/download assets, it is important to entrust your files to an experienced player with comprehensive understanding of both the digital and traditional media landscape.

BCE’s infrastructure is able to deal with any transcoding needs as well as global file-based distribution to and from any point in the world.

Content processing and distribution services:


BCE, with its extensive experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure is able to deal with massive transcoding demands and multiple deliveries.

In order to maintain the highest quality of service, BCE has, in recent years, developed a strong workflow engine. Entirely triggered from BCE’s MediaCMS, customer related profile templates can be created with an unlimited number of new configurations.

Processing interface in MediaCMS
Processing with MediaCMS

These templates cover numerous transcoding tasks as well as single or multi-point deliveries. Keeping the control of their content, our customers can trigger, follow and programme BCE jobs via MyMediaCMS.

If requested, BCE’s well trained staff are able to intervene for manual set-up in these processes.

File-based delivery

Movie2Me is a high-speed content distribution system which initiates and automates transfers of large files all across the globe.

Movie2Me network
BCE's File-based distribution media network

With its exceptional performance and advanced security, it easily connects every destination in the world at almost no cost: point-to-point or point-to-multi-point. Movie2Me is already in use by numerous film – and TV – majors as well as production companies in many countries.

Easy to configure, Movie2Me is used in our workflow to connect our customers with our platform but also to build our customers’ content delivery network. Although our solution provides the best cost effective file based delivery tool for media companies, our platform is pre-configured with other well-known delivery systems and can be easily connected with your company.

Media network

BCE boasts the largest European telecom hub for media distribution. With multiple destinations, moving content to a single or to multiple targets is no longer  an issue.

BCE clears away the challenges to your business with:

  • Negotiated telecom links
  • High bandwidth availability
  • Low peering costs
  • Local partners to avoid last mile issues
  • Redundancy

BCE’s Media Telecom Network connects you to almost every major city in Europe.

BCE’s media Telecom Network is not another connectivity offer. With BCE’s solutions such as MediaCMS and Movie2Me, combined to our extended network of media partners, the Media Telecom network is your gateway to the media market in Europe.

Therefore, BCE is able to easily connect with you, ensure post-production works, manage your media assets and connect you easily to key European and international media players.

BCE’s media telecom network can also be used in your content preservation strategy. Your archives can be mirrored almost in real-time thanks to our high-speed connections combined with software accelerated systems.

All our services are monitored by our Network Operations Centre, allowing remote assistance and ensuring continuity of operations.

NOC at BCE (RTL City)